Opinion|Martin, Do We Still Have A Dream?

"Nonviolence, nonviolence." Monday Jan. 15 2018 marked the 32nd annual Martin Luther King Day. On April 4 we will mark the half-a-century point after the assassination, or martyrdom, of Dr. King. The Civil Rights Leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate rose to iconic standards during the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement. During one of... Continue Reading →

Trump Dubs Haiti & African Countries “Shithole Countries”, Disturbs Democrats & Republicans

WASHINGTON— During a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, President Trump, hesitant at an immigration deal aimed at protecting people from Haiti, El Salvador and other African countries, called them "shithole countries." The controversial comments, in context to immigration, raised many eyebrows as the U.S. struggles to enact a suitable decision that... Continue Reading →

Rat Race In Washington Square

"Woe to you, oh maniacal shoppers, for the Devil sends the Beast with 50% off', because he knows you've kept your shopping to the last minute. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number, the number is... Sorry, your card has been declined." Welcome to the... Continue Reading →

The Hungry Man’s Hymn

Far gone now is his thirst to smile, In the midst of insanity and clear mind. A rumbling heart and eyes so vile, He spits in the face of mankind. Still are the banks of his Nile, The blood in his veins doth unwind. Cleaning his waters with blood meanwhile, Artifacts of old faiths does... Continue Reading →

Looking Forward: A Right to Write

For a creative nonfiction writer, intense honesty is difficult. We’re supposed to be creative without lying to the audience, colorful without confusing the audience, and, well, truthful to ourselves before we are to the audience. It’s like being a dictator minus the tyranny and power trips who actually wants to champion his people earnestly. It’s... Continue Reading →

To My Unborn Children

In the name of Allah, The Prophet, And the Holy Progeny To my unborn children, In the case of an early death, which I’ve always suspected, what I intended to teach you by action must instead be taught by words. I wish to inform you of all that has made me who I am and... Continue Reading →

Amazon: a brand in digital media

  Unlike Disneyland, walking into Amazon world, if there was one, does not involve taking trips to town square and indulging in the multi-themed superstores. However, like the overwhelming entrance into a dimension of wonder like Disneyland, the online dimensions may still accommodate consumer and sensory needs. The coming analysis will involve the study of... Continue Reading →

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