Welcome to the Yousefian Manifesto.

My name is Yousef.

I am a journalism student (bachelors) in the University of Colorado at Boulder. This blog is primarily aimed to practice journalism through reporting, be it a report on a news-worthy event or reporting an opinion. Secondarily, this blog will also focus on my personal writings.

I am a writer before I am an aspiring journalist. That is all I wish to divulge for the time being.

*Blog Posts can be found in the Journalism and Personal Writing pages listed on the menu above.*

Here is what you, dearest reader, should expect of this blog:

  • Weekly reports on random world happeningsĀ 
  • Occasional opinion entriesĀ 
  • Personal writing once ready for publicationĀ 

Naturally, the more demand there is, the more the supply will have to be. As for the future, who knows?



*Please see the Contact page for any questions, suggestions and communication