No Self-Service Here

A 3 a.m. visit to the local gas station, nothing more caustic to my living than a planned adventure in a redundant life. Left, left. Left, right, trip. Armored with my plaid Marks & Spencer pajama pants, a shit-brown hooded jacket and an old gym shirt that is no longer gym worthy. Too dirty to... Continue Reading →

Where Words Fail, Muzak Speaks

Like Pavlovian dogs with auditory classic conditioning, salivating about the prospect of maximizing utility is not exclusive to canines. Humans, thanks to Major General George Owen Squier and his innovative Muzak, can also be conditioned to salivate and consume. Squier’s Wired Radio, later changed to Muzak in 1934, introduced music to the ears of the... Continue Reading →

Report|Will Cryptos Replace Cash?

In a struggle for dominance, the realm of virtual currencies has summoned new champions in fight against cash transactions. Cryptocurrencies, the fresh platoon of digital currencies, join the ranks of their brethren, paperless transactions, in the battle to kill cash. The conflict itself, however, is complicated. Digital transactions, along with the rising value of cryptocurrencies,... Continue Reading →

Old Man Dave & The Black Mondays

I’ve often fantasized about being on stage, shirtless and drizzling sweat all over the drum-set as I splash the crowd with every thunderous beat. Metallica’s Master of Puppets or Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Overture playing in the background as chaotic cacophony transforms into synchronized symphony. Yes, Overture with the actual cannons and yes, Master of Puppets live... Continue Reading →

Kuwaiti Head of Parliament Blasts Israeli Delegates into Leaving International Meeting

St. Petersburg, Russia— Marzouq Alghanim, chief speaker and lawmaker of the Kuwait National Assembly, blasted Knesset members Nahman Shai and Sharren Haskel into leaving. Alghanim ordered the "child killers" to leave the Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly if they had an "atom of dignity". The passionate rant erupted after Israeli delegates used their forum to speak about two... Continue Reading →

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